Skateboarding For Beginners

Before you begin skateboarding you will want to equip yourself with these handy suggestions that will ease your entrance into this sport. A keen sense of balance and movement are required, and the first skill that all skateboarders need to master is learning how to stand. Knowing how to push, move, and turn are also important skills that need to be acquired before you attempt any tricks. By mastering the basics you will enjoy the experience of this popular adrenalin sport.
Due to the nature of the sport, protective clothing like a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads are essential. A wrist guard is also a good idea and can help to prevent a sprained wrist, since most people tend to fall forward. The type of board you get will depend on how you intend to skate and you will want to make sure that your clothes, shoes, and the various skateboard components all match your intended usage.
It is important to make sure that your board is the right size for your height, otherwise you may compromise your stability. The width of the board will determine whether you will use it mostly for ramps, street and tricks, or general transport. If you are in doubt about what is the most appropriate board for your needs, you will find that most skateboard shops will usually have an attendant who will be able to assist you in making an informed decision about your purchase.
Learning how to stand properly on the board is the first step to mastering the basics. If you stand with your left foot in front and push with the right you will be adopting a regular stance, otherwise you will be standing what is known as a “goofy” position.
By placing your feet in the middle of the bolts as you get onto the board, you will be in the best place to maintain your balance. Keeping your knees slightly bent, and your arms outstretched with elbows bent, as if you are surfing a wave, will also aid your balance.
To get moving, you will need to propel yourself by pushing with your back foot. Keep your front foot just off centre to gain additional stability while you push-off. Using your front foot to push=off is considered a bad practice because it will only cause you to push slower and also reduce your stability. Once you are moving, you will find that you can gain momentum by doing an easy move called a tic tac.
Another important skill is learning to take a corner. This is easiest done by leaning with your hips through the corner. Of more importance, you should use your balance to shift your weight through your feet at the same time. By leaning back you will find that you can turn right, and will be able to turn left by shifting your weight to both your toes. Jumping off is an easy way to stop. An alternative is to do an easy trick called a power slide.
Once you have mastered the basics, you will find that skateboarding will reward you with a great sense of satisfaction. There are many skateboard parks that are safe places for you to gain the necessary practice which you will need in order to master your skills. By making sure that you get the necessary instruction from an expert before doing any trick that you cannot perform, is the best path to succeeding in this thrilling sport.

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