History Of Skateboarding

It is easy in finding out all there is to know about the history of skateboarding. The earliest skateboards were made by special wood boards and rollers in the early 1950′s. This was recognized as side walk surfing. It all began around the 1940′s or the 1950′s.
The skateboards were created with wooden boards and roller skates stuck on the bottom. They looked like scooters. The wooden board had a milk crate and a handle attached to it for support. As time passed, the look was changed by removing the crate and started to use it on two by fours with steel wheels. You can imagine how many injuries occurred at that time, not having any protection. It is unknown who began this creation, but we do know that a few people came up with the idea all at the same time.
It began when surfers across California got the idea of surfing on the streets. This became popular in the late 1950′s Surfing became very popular, and people began tie surfing on a board while cruising on board. Later on surfers began riding big waves, making skateboarding gain even more popularity.
In the late 1950′s the first professional skateboards built went up for sale. This is when it became even more popular. In the mid 1970′s, parks began being built all over. The first one created was in Florida. In 1963 competitions were held mostly downhill and freestyle. Companies began producing skateboards with clay heads.
Eventually the skating popularity came to an end. Everyone thought it was no longer available since it came to an unexpected end. Companies closed down and anyone that wanted to continue this sport had to do it on their own.
Then in the beginning of the 1970′s urethane skateboard wheels were invented. These are wheels that are similar to what is used today, boards with metal wheels. Fiberglass boards were also created around the same time. They became popular again like the sport we see today. Different popular moves were created giving the sport a popularity never seen before. Unfortunately another downfall occurred causing parks to close down. Street skaters began building their own ramps at home so they can skate. Companies owned by skateboarders began creating new styles of boards to try. Nothing became of this.
The beginning of game commercials took a big leap making skating even more popular. Pro skaters tried their best in making it to grow again. They succeeded in re-creating the sport all over making the first Extreme game to become a huge success. In the year 2000”s, the production of video games became a huge hit, and were accepted by skaters.
Skateboarding is practiced by kids and adults for fun. If the proper protection is worn it will be safe to practice skateboarding with the presence of your friends, making it even more fun. Over the years, it has become a safe sport that is enjoyed by may children playing with their friend and adults doing the same.
There is no right or wrong way to practice this sport. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy skating. Special parks have been built to accommodate everyone.

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