Electric scooter that turns into a mini bike

Naturally, kids love to play with a toy like an e-scooter. You may notice them around in various designs for decades. Another side, nearly all kids desire to have their minibikes. So, what should you buy an e-scooter or a mini bike for your little one?
We suggest you buy VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1 Transforming Scooter. This Scooter is only one and first converting e-scooter-to-mini bike.
Follow our write-up to know more about VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1 modifying Scooter.
Electric Scooter is a powered device with two ten-inch or tiny diameter wheels with a handlebar. It is created to be stood upon by the rider-a combination of an electric motor and human power.
It is easy to ride, maximum speed up to 30km/h- a perfect option for commuting without the hassle of crowded public transportations and traffic. It is a rich and enjoyable source of riding for kids and older kids.

What is a mini bike?

A miniature motorcycle is referred to as a minibike. In the 1960s, the thought of minibikes developed. Riding a mini bike is not only fun but also it can be a practical solution for the people who interested to ride without hassle and little cost compared to a full-sized motorcycle.
Most minis bikes from with 2–2.5 HP engines, then later upgraded with 5 HP engines.

Which e-scooter can turn into a mini bike?

Electric Scooter and the mini bike is a different device. VIRO Rides Vega 2-in-1 Transforming Scooter brought you an excellent opportunity to enjoy both an e-scooter and a mini bike. Vega 2-in-1 Transforming Scooter is the initial and individual modifying Scooter without any tools. It is easy to move between the two with the attached instruments.
We are so optimistic that you must in love with this new Electric Scooter/Bike as it looks cool and loads of fun.

Vega 2 in 1 Electric Scooter:

At first, we suggest Vega 2-in-1 scooter to you for your youngsters for its changing mode conversion from a scooter to a minibike. Not of all, but different vital features of Vega 2-in-1 scooter hold our attention.
You can pick this Scooter at a reasonable price. While riding, your kid can not also keep standing all the way long but also-get the sitting relief, with easy transformation, when he gets tired.
To know the detail, follow our footprint.

Style and stander of Vega 2 in 1 Electric Scooter:

Kid’s safety is the first priority and keeps this line in mind Vega 2 in 1 Electric Scooter was planned- As this Scooter is exclusively made for kids.
Hence, transforming scooter mode to mini bike mode may be a little hassle to you. Take your time to learn all the steps regarding changing. Help your kid at the first stage before they learn to it on their own.

How to transform Vega Electric scooter to a mini bike?

Turning and assembling the Viro Rides Vega is a little overwhelming job as this Scooter includes three effective modes like Scooter mode, Mini Bike mode, and Unfolded.

How to unfold:

VIRO Vega’s folding system is quite outstanding. You can easily unfold or fold it. This feature makes it portable and easy to store Scooter. You just press the deck button-after unpacking, and the Scooter will unfold.

How to switch mini bike mode:

If you want to switch mini bike mode, it’s sensitive but possible- as the seat is convertible. First, make the setup, and then adjust according to the needs of your kid- it has a micro-adjust option.

How to switch scooter mode:

Switching in scooter mode is similarly complicated. First, push the seat downwards to make the seat lower. Make the seat lower towards the ground after disconnect the nape clamp.
After doing the process some days, you will find the job a whole lot easier.

Performance for Vega E-scooter:

  • Maximum 6 miles.
  • Two 24V batteries.
  • Traveling around the neighborhoods is best.
  • An outdated technology for chain riders.
  • The maximum load ability is 120 lbs.
Even while we are testing, it seems the Scooter struggled more with an adult, such as loss of balance. However, with kids, there is no chance of such problems.

Charging time and battery life:

Two 12V lead-acid batteries are adjusted with the Scooter to power it. It can go many miles but suitable for your child.
Vega Transforming 2-in-1 electric scooter needs 10-12 hours to charge the batteries fully.

Dual kickstands:

Vega Transforming 2 in 1 E-scooter also attaches dual kickstands, which put it high minded while parking, both in the bike mode and scooter mode. The kickstands are highly fitting and sturdy.


Vega 2 in 1 E-scooter is a decent and all-rounder scooter for your child. Remind it that adult assistance is needed to set them up. The Scooter is well-protected and suitable for any 8 years old.
Though Vega 2 in 1 E-scooter is a costly toy, probably this will be the best one for youngsters.
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