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Electric Scooter Safety Tips

It is good that you have finally decided to move on to your electric scooter. Now it is important to do everything possible to be able to move around safely.

Here are some electric scooter safety tips that, in many cases, can prevent you from more than one displeasure, because always keep in mind that nobody is safe from a bad fall.

The electric scooter has become a sensation in many cities around the world.

This is mainly because it is a more than convenient alternative solution to individual mobility in cities, and this allows peoples to save money on purchasing vehicles or hiring taxi services to move so relatively close places in your area.

There is also the advantage that having them allows you to stay cool and avoid sweating when walking to work.

This is important when you have to look good and you don’t want to ruin your look for an interview, meeting or any social event near your home or work.

It should not be forgotten that riding an electric scooter is no less dangerous than riding a bicycle or scooter.
This is the reason why the use of the helmet is more than recommended.
Personally, I never ride my electric skateboard without a helmet and it would never occur to me to borrow it without the accompanying helmet.
There is nothing more dangerous than a bad fall on the head, so if there is an accessory that you will not forget, it is never a good helmet.
The most dangerous thing is when you start to gain confidence and believe that nothing can happen to you.
You must know that no one is safe from a bad bump, a child who crosses the street without looking or a dog that walks 50 cm from the electric scooter.

To wear elbow pads and knee pads

As a child, I suffered a lot of bruises and scratches on my elbows and knees. Fortunately, today we have a number of knee and elbow protection kits that are available for children.
If you don’t want your children to go through what I went through accidentally falling off a scooter, make sure they are wearing knee and elbow pads every time they ride an electric scooter.

Put on the appropriate shoes

You will not understand the importance of wearing proper shoes when riding a scooter until it is scrapped on the ground or stuck on wheels. Sandals or open shoes are not appropriate for the scooter.
Going barefoot is not okay either. Therefore, make sure your children wear shoes that completely cover their feet to avoid injury to their toes.

Get the Right Scooter Size for Your Kids' Age

Having the right size of an electric scooter on the pavement is very important. If your kids have an oversized electric scooter, they are likely to have a hard time controlling it.
Similarly, they are likely to break or burn the motor if they are riding a scooter that is too small for them.

Be vigilant when you are on the road or on the sidewalk

When they have fun, children tend to be distracted. Sometimes children are not aware of where they are going or what is around them.
However, the streets and sidewalks have other users such as drivers, pedestrians, among others.

The Reflective Vest

In the case of moving with poor visibility, for moving too early or when the sun has already fallen, the reflective vest will allow other vehicles to see you easily and be careful with you.

Run at the right speed

Electric scooters are designed to circulate at speeds between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour. Ignore the “pirate” tutorials you see on the net and do not cheat your scooter, it is not necessary to go faster.
You will break the rules, shorten the life of your vehicle and put yourself in danger.

Don't forget what is your place and who has a preference

The bike lanes are your natural space and in them, you have priority over other vehicles.
Always respect pedestrians (the priority is always theirs) and despite your priority over other vehicles, do not forget that in the event of an accident, you will be the worst person to stop.
We invite you to visit our page on traffic regulations for electric scooters.

The brakes for a scooter?

Also, note that a problem with the brakes can always occur. Imagine yourself at 40 km / h and without brakes.
I can tell you that the slightest obstacle can cut your life short. The worst thing is that this type of problem is not as rare as we think. The brakes may not respond from any shocks due to accidental knocks.
But what if the brakes no longer respond? If there are no obstacles on the horizon, just stop accelerating and wait for the electric scooter to stop on its own. On the other hand, if an obstacle comes to meet you, then there … Jump from the electric skateboard?
Are you trying to bankrupt? You, and only you, will be the best person to know what to do when the time comes. In any case, let’s hope you have a helmet and knee pads.

Speed: The chassis is you

As you can imagine, speed is undoubtedly the biggest cause of accidents. Of course, having an electric scooter doesn’t do much good if you want to run like a granny, but always think about measuring your speed, especially according to the environment.
A hole in the asphalt or an animal passing through the roadway is also not uncommon. Always be vigilant and see a step ahead. There are no zero risks, but being careful will save you in most cases.
Always keep in mind that you are not alone on the road.
Dangerous driving can not only seriously injure you, but can also endanger other people’s lives. By definition, an electric motor makes no noise, so don’t forget that other users can’t hear you coming!

Take your time to practice

It is particularly dangerous to ride for the first time in an area where there is traffic, so feel free to try the electric scooter on open and clear terrain, or at night in an empty parking lot.

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