Electric scooter rental companies

Electric scooter rental companies
In recent times, a large number of American people depend on the rented electric scooter. Although, it is much more costly than the Uber ride but comfortable to ride for personal needs. But the matter of the fact that which electric scooter rental companies are best for providing this service?
We have here introduced you to the most reliable name list of scooter companies. So, take a look at this list for enriching your knowledge of this sector.
You will find a crowd of several rental electric scooters. Each company has a fundamental difference between their services and price. We think you would love to know the best rental service company. So, here is the list of 5 best-reputed companies.


Lime is one of the most reputed scooter rental companies that started their journey at san Francisco in January 2017. And lime scooter has spread at the district level from June 2018. This dockless company is getting available for topical use up to 32 countries in the world.
Besides, you can rent this lime scooter in the 28 regions of the united states. Moreover, it is available in the 21 universities of Australia.
In the starting time, the rent was 15 cents per minute with the 1$ unlocking charge. But lime scooter price was increased by 25 cents for one minute.


Bird has gained tremendous success in the first year of their service. They had almost 10 million rides in the year of foundation. You can rent bird scooter locations wise service from up to 100 countries worldwide. The initial cost for bird scooter rental was 1 cent per minute with 1$ unlocking cost. But with the change in time, it was increased at 39 cents.
And recently, this bird scooter price is reached to 0.1 cents per minute. Good to know the monthly cost is $25. Luckily, the bird scooter app is faster than another rental electric scooter.


The ford motor company owns spin from February 2019. Although, the turn released in 2017 as a rental service company was growing correctly from 2018. Luckily, spin was spread widely in 2019 in several regions of America including Washington, DC, Portland, Los Angeles, and Memphis.
The new spin scooters price is 29 cents per minute, and the unlocking amount is the remaining $1.


From 2003, razor electric scooter rental service is the same popular still now. The razor brand is mostly spread its rental business for the last seventeen years. But it mainly focuses on the selling of several types of razor scooters.
However, you can rent this scooter in the maximum region of southern California. And the price is 29 cents per minute where the unlocking cost is 1$ as like another reputed brand.


The latest electric scooter rental company established in 2018 with the joint venture of Alan Jiang and Deb Gangopadhyay. These rental scooters are widely spread in the maximum region of Asia pacific. You will wonder to know that beam has at least 64 million dollars and 50 employees to operate this company.
But you have to contact to get their rental service cost because they don’t express the original rental price.


You can ride an electric scooter with a 1$ starting price where you have to pay 1 cent to 29 cents for next each minute. Generally, you will need up to 3$ to ride a maximum of 10 miles.
As per the specialist opinion and user experience, we find the lime, spin, wind, and bird scooter app is best.
It would help if you considered the recent price per minute of each rental scooter. Then you can realize the cheapest bike properly. For example, the bird scooter costs you $ 0.26, and the lime price is $ 0.23. At the same time, the jump rental scooter cost $ 0.30.

Final Words:

The above list of rental companies is providing the overall best rental service. Meanwhile, you will get the rides within a limited cost. Besides, most of the companies have a comprehensive electric scooter rental service. If you have any more questions about this, let us know.

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