Electric scooter helmet law

Scooter riding is an enjoyable and common pastime for many riders, mainly when they use an e- scooter.
If you intend to take a ride on an e-scooter soon, put on your helmet fast.
In some areas, helmets are legally essential, or other regions wearing helmets is totally at your own choice.
Electric scooters are now used in many cities across the world. But regarding helmet usage, every state or country has its laws.
As lows are not universal, you may be surprising: do I wear a helmet or not? Read our articles to point out what is the Electric scooter helmet law.
From our point of view, the e-scooters are eco-friendly ease or a mechanical menace.
You must wear a helmet or not this subject, mostly relying on which area you want to ride.
In many countries or states, you may find riding an e-scooter is legal without wearing a helmet. However, some areas have particular age precondition for every rider to wear a helmet by law.
Our advice is given below.
  • First, double-check your local position.
  • Check whether a helmet is a must there or not.
  • Remind it this ‘better to be securing than sorry.’
  • Don’t be cautious enough.
To get a comprehensive guide to follow international e-scooter laws.
For you, we have pointed out some countries and states helmet usage rules, and regulation for electric scooter riders let’s check out below.


E-scooter like to slot approximately seamlessly into the road of Europe, with a wealth of riding framework in many towns.
On the streets of Italy, Germany, Spain and even the UK e- scooters can be found. Among European countries, there is no mix position as well as the towns within them regarding legal demand for helmets.
E-scooter helmets are must over their nation only in France and Sweden. But they apply this low under a specified age.
However, more countries, such as Romania, are looking for ways to control these electric vehicles.
The administration of Romania is bringing a bill that will need all fewer than 16s to put on a safety helmet.


E-scooters are valid in all of the states of Australia. South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania are enforcing to wear helmets to all e-scooter riders by law.
New South Wales and South Australia authorities are encouraging rider to wear helmets or only allow using e-scooters on private property.

United States:

In the US, riding e- scooter has come out with a roaring success. They offer with only five states ruling illegality with helmets.
Though countries like Massachusetts e- scooter are technically illegal, a bill is progressing about legality of e- scooter riding as well as wearing helmets for the age of 16.
However, New Jersey and Florida have made helmets obligatory at a certain age. And rest of the states, they suggest using helmet – or do not raise helmets at all.


E-scooter demand is increasing in Asia. Rules and regulations are stringent in Singapore riders- they can’t ride their scooters without safety.
But in the case of Japan and South Korea, e-scooter are classified like personal vehicles –which are considered under the country’s Road Traffic Act- all riders need to wear helmets.

Why you wear helmets?

The latest e-scooters are so speedy and fast. A fast e-scooter is capable of exceeding 40 MPH (64 km). As scooter is combined with the risk of road hazards, motor vehicles, a helmet is a must while.

Protect your head:

A helmet is considered as a piece of safety gear worn all over the head. The helmet protects your brain and skull.

Enhancing Safe Riding:

Like falling off riding an e-scooter poses few risks. Wearing a helmet is a precaution to ensure people’s safety during riding in different areas or cities.
Moreover, different scooter company’s emphases on wear helmets for rider. Additionally, those companies are also assisting states in developed helmet laws.

Diminishing chance of injury:

Recent studies show that less than 5% of injured e-scooter riders wore helmets in 2019.
This is alarming that almost a third of e-scooter rider injuries related to the head. Helmet use is related to an appreciably lower risk of head injury. So don’t play with a chance of injury – use the helmet and remain safe.

Ride the extra mile:

You must wear a helmet if you intend to go the extra mile with an e-scooter.

What sorts of the helmet will you buy?

No helmets made specifically at all, but you don’t need to worry about your protection.
All helmets are not the same, so all skateboard or bicycle helmet won’t be perfect for your scooting. Here follow some tips:
  • Pick a helmet that suits you.
  • Remind that ill-fitting helmets may be dangerous for you.
  • Purchase a certified helmet.
  • Follow safety standards.
  • Consider both your environment and speed.
  • Take full facial protection offering helmet.
  • Don’t worry about the unifying body providing data.

Commuter and city riding helmets:

If your riding speed is less than 20 mph (32 km/h), choose a safety standard bike helmet. It will be the best option for you.
Take open face helmets- generally light, more comfortable, small, and easy to suit.
You can select a more stylish helmet as you prefer most.

Mountain scooter helmets:

If you ride on higher risk roads, you should prefer a mountain scooter helmet. These helmets protect more sides of the head and offer more ventilation than a motorcycle and e-bike helmets.

Motorcycle and e-bike helmets:

  • If you want to ride off-road at more speeds than 20 mph (32 km/h), choose Motorcycle and e-bike helmets.
  • These helmets are more stylish and comfortable.
  • Ideal for maximum protection at high-speed journeys.
You can ride e- scooter without a helmet is legal in some areas around the globe.
But think, is it safe? As prevention is better than cure so it will be wise to be safe than fashionable and sorry!

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